SUP Provo - the Clear Choice for Best Views!

SUP Provo offers the best SUPs(stand up paddleboards) or a double kayak.  Ocean Kayak for safety, ease of paddling, and best views possible.

The clear boats you see around the island bo other operators are actually not kayaks at all, they are canoes.   Like all canoes, they are tippy and can sink.

We offer double kayaks.   The double means you partner yourself with another person in your group to paddle together.  This is not only great to share the experience together, but also to assist a less confident paddler with a more experienced paddler.   Perfect for kids or adults that are just more comfortable with help.

Our competition, offers a clear canoe.. WE DO NOT as we consider our kayaks better for safety, view, and ease of paddling.

Kayaks do NOT sink, canoes Do.   Clear canoes are super tippy, rock back and forth, are very hard to steer as you set inside them not on top like our kayaks, & they can sink when you tip to one side. You also can't see as you are inside them..You will see that all of their guides have to stand in the clear canoes as they can't see unless they are standing.. 

Our SUPs are amazing, 12ft long and the most stable, no rocking or tipping and you can sit or kneel on them, way better view even if sitting as you are up higher and if you stand, amazing views..
The water conditions on our SUP Provo eco tours is knee deep calm flat water.  Protected from waves and wind.
You can sit, kneel, or stand on our amazing SUPs 
Best of all Options.

Kneeling allows for easier paddling than a canoe as you have freedom to use your entire upper body and are much higher up so you can see.
Standing is the best and you can suddenly see down in the water the best views possible.