Not staying right on the water, no problem!

SUP Provo is the first company in the country to now offer inflatable SUP's.  The only choice for those not at waterfront locations or wanting to transport the boards and explore.

Most rental cars are tiny and so the inflatable SUP's are the only way to go.  It is NOT possible for you to transport our rigid SUPs as they are too large.

You do need to deflate after each use and store out of the sun.  Sun will expand the air inside and the heat melts the glue and they will explode.


Weekly rental(5-7 days) - $450
3 days - $300.00
1 day - $100 = $50.00 delivery fee

 They are amazing!

Ideal for 
All-Around Use for riders up to 220lbs/100kg 
Those with limited storage and transport space 
Lightweight (23lbs/10.5kg) AND Durable construction 
Short to Mid-Length Touring Trips 
The 11’ Beach Wing Air Inflatable Package is lightweight, stable and durable for riders up to 220lbs/100kg 
 11'0" BEACH WING 
This COMPLETE PACKAGE includes rigid inflatable board, adjustable paddle, safety ankle leash, backpack, high-pressure pump with gauge, repair kit, deck bungee for gear storage, carry handles at center, nose and tail, tie down o-rings at nose and tail, “yoga-mat” style traction pad for comfort and grip. 
The 11’ Beach Wing AIR complete package is the perfect board for flat-water cruising with family and friends as well as going on longer distance touring-style adventures. The 11’ Wing AIR works great for novice riders up to 220lbs/100kg.