Established in 2006, SUP Provo is passionate about paddling tours, specializing in eco tours.


Owner, Chris Moore, says, “It is our goal to open up people’s appreciation of nature, but more than that, to help them to understand how intricately everything is connected and how they are also connected to this web and the need to strike balance and harmony with these systems, because Everything is Connected!”


SUP PROVO - Our mission is to "Connect You With Nature!".  

We do this by creating experiences that enrich you and create profound moments that create sparks in you that can lead you in new directions.  

Turtle Eco Tour

  • You will experience the most and see the largest variety of animals and plants.
  • Our easiest tour and so suggested for 1st time paddlers and kids!
  • Must Do Activity to truly experience the beauty of our islands!
  • 90% of the tour is in knee deep water.
  • Protected by the queen SUP Provo has permission to take you into this marine park
  • We pay all the marine park entrance fees
  • No motorized watercraft are allowed in this protected area.

Our tours are at very specific times every day as they are dependent on the tides.   Use the book now button to access our calendar to see the daily times of each tour.

Click here to see the tour times for each and day and book your experience!

For the best view, choose a SUP, you can sit or kneel as well as stand.  Views are best when you are standing.