Fast Track - This is the choice for anyone taking the very first lesson. It is the best way to learn and the best price!
Fast Track Lessons - See More and Book Now!

Bring A Friend - Share the experience with someone else with this private group lesson! Save money and enjoy the experience with your friends and family! You must provide 2 people and we do not combine you with strangers.
Bring A Friend - Private Group Lessons Discounted

Private Lessons - Best for everyone that is taking a lesson that isn't their very first lesson and they do not have a person to share the lesson with.  Customized one-on-one lessons to fit any kiteboarder that is NOT riding upwind yet.

Private Lessons - Click here to learn more and see the daily time schedule!

Progression Lessons - Private lessons booked at high tide to focus on progressing your kiteboarding.  You must be able to ride upwind to book this lesson.

Progression - High Tide Lessons - Click Here to See the Daily Times Available!

Surfboard Lessons - This is called a Progression Lesson but the focus is learning to ride in flat water with a larger surfboard style kiteboard.  You will be able to go in lighter winds, ride with less kite power all the time, and have less impact with a whole new level of fun!
Surfboard Lessons - Click Here to See the Daily Times!

Hydrofoil Lessons - The fastest growing part of kiteboarding, riding a foil board with a kite!  You only need a fraction of the wind and way less impact.  You must already know hot to kiteboard upwind.

Hydrofoil Kiteboarding Lessons - Click Here to See the Daily Times!

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